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An Economic View from the Tundra Camp: Field Experience With Reindeer Herders in the Kola Peninslua
by Dessislav Sabev
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The present situation in the tundra of Kola Peninsula is being determined by the intertwined interests of a few pairs of actors:
1. Reindeer herding brigades in relation to the Sovkhoz Administration; 2. Herders in relation to hunters and other independent tundra actors;
3. All of the above, exploiting renewable resources, versus the town-based industries in the Kola, exploiting non-renewable resources (such as underground ores).
In my view all of these three relationships are interdependent and it is impossible for each one of them to be understood without understanding the influences of the others.



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An Economic View from the Tundra Camp by Dessislav Sabev.
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