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Historical Synopsis of the Sami/United Nations Relationship
by Christian Jakob Burmeister Hicks
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Nordic Saami and International Fora
  Saami political leaders have become affective at promoting indigenous and Saami rights throughout the UN. They are affective because of years of participation on all levels of the United Nations. They know how to work the systems within the UN when other indigenous groups stumble. As Rigoberta Menchu Tuz, the Peace Prize Nobelist noted at this year’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the Forum started in the corridors of the UN. (Tuz, 2002) The first president of the Norwegian Saami Parliament (Norske Sametinget) was Ole Henrik Magga. He was a representative of the Saami at many UN meetings. Based on his diplomatic style and understanding of the UN system he was chosen to be the inaugural Chairperson for the PFII. He displayed his experience throughout the proceedings in New York. His appointment can only mean increased exposure and benefit for the Saami as a people. 
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Historical synopsis of the Sami/United Nations relationship,
by Christian J. B. Hicks.
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