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Rósa Rut Þórisdóttir recently completed her masters degree in visual anthropology at Goldsmiths College, London.  She is currently working at the Stefansson Arctic Institute in Iceland.  These photos were taken in 1998 in Kap Dan on the island of Kulusuk, Greenland whilst on a study tour from the University of Iceland during her undergraduate.

Kap Dan, biggest village on Kulusuk island with 300 inhabitants
The men hunt on the ice during winter, the meat from the seals is for domestic use.  The women clean the skin which is then sold to companies like "Great Greenland" on the west coast  for processing
Preparing to go on the ice
In Greenland the dogs are working animals and breeded to be strong out on the ice
The dogs never enter the houses but spend their whole live out doors in all weathers
The winter days are short in Kap Dan
The mountain facing Kap Dan
Kap Dan during the twilight
The view outside is often limited
The Arctic is photo tour.  Rósa Rut Þórisdóttir
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