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Rósa Rut Þórisdóttir recently completed her masters degree in visual anthropology at Goldsmiths College, London.   She is currently working at the Stefansson Arctic Institute in Iceland.  These photos were taken in 1998 in Kap Dan on the island of Kulusuk, Greenland whilst on a study tour from the University of Iceland during her undergraduate.

Kulusuk during winter
The town is beautifully situated surrounded by mountains
Children playing on the street with a small sledge
One of the classes in the school
Many Greenlanders are of mixed origin, mainly Greenlandic-Danish
Due to lack of soil most people are buried in megalithic style in stone burial grounds
A grave on Kulusuk
The dogs curl up in the snow storm
Snow storm in Kulusuk
Anda Kuitse drum dancer, son of Vilhelm Kuitse drum dancer, and last angakok (shaman) of Kulusuk
Tala Kuitse, daughter of Anda Kuitse playing the drum for audiences
Ammssa one of Kulusuk's best hunters
The Arctic is photo tour.  Rósa Rut Þórisdóttir
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