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Rósa Rut Þórisdóttir recently completed her masters degree in visual anthropology at Goldsmiths College, London.  She is currently working at the Stefansson Arctic Institute in Iceland.  These photos were taken in the small fishing town Dalvík on the north coast of Iceland during an annual celebration called "Fiskidagurinn mikli" (the great fish day).  The aim of  “Fiskidagurinn mikli”, was to ensemble as many people as possible and eat fish together.  Dalvik’s fish processing companies were the ones behind the idea, which was a success.  13,500 guests visited the town of 1,500.  Ironically fish processing has not high standard in Icelandic society.  ‘The great fish day’ at Dalvík might be a beginning of changing of mind.

Hafdís Bjarnadóttir serves one of the more exotic dishes, an African soup of grinded cod heads.
The fish burgers were popular 
This was the biggest dinner invitation that has been held in Iceland
The guests were almost solely Icelandic
Around 40 species of fish were put on display
Splendid opportunity to learn about fish, Petrea Kaðlín asks her mother about some of the species
A sailing on the fjord was also available for those interested
The Arctic is photo tour.Rósa Rut Þórisdóttir
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