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Jónas Gunnar Allansson is currently a Ph.D. student in social anthropology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. His dissertation research project proposes to investigate how people in East Greenlandic hunting communities perceive and explain the social, environmental, economical and political processes that they define as important for the viability (sustainability) of their communities, now and in the future. These photos were taken in Kulusuk, East Greenland, in the spring of 2000.

The town of Kap Dan on Kulusuk island
Street life
The houses are built straight on the rock as soil is almost none.  This makes all pluming difficult
All the houses are painted in bright and vivid colours and are referred to in that sense: the yellow house by the sea
Children playing on the street
Melting of snow in the spring
The school in the village
The hotel is situated mid-way between the airport and the village
Tourism is growing rapidly in Greenland and day tours from Iceland to Kulusuk are popular
Young drum dancer entertains tourist in the souvenir shop
Flower of Greenlandic youth
The sea around the island is frozen most part of the year
Due to lack of soil people face difficulties burying their loved ones
Artificial flowers are poplar on graves all around Greenland
Sunset in Kulusuk
The Arctic is photo tour.Jónas Gunnar Allanson
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