Gisli Pálsson is a professor of anthropology at the University of Iceland and the University of Oslo. His research areas are Body and Society, Environmental Issues, Ecological Anthropology, Fishing, Learning and Cognition, Language and Society. Pálsson is currently co-ordinating the research project "Inuit genetic history and the fate of the Norse settlement in Greenland" along with Dr. Agnar Helgason. Pálsson has recently published “Writing on Ice” which includes the edited ethnographic notebooks of explorer-anthropologist Vilhjalmur Stefansson. When working on that book Pálsson went to the Northwest Territories in Canada to meet the remaining descendants of Stefansson’s Inuit family. These pictures were taken on that occasion.
Writing on Ice, new book:

The editor (second from right) interviews three of Alex Stefansson's children: Rosie Albert Stefansson, Shirley Esau Stefansson and Frank Stefansson, at Inuvik
Rosie Albert Stefansson
At a Gwichin festival in Aklavik
In the McKenzie Delta
Hudson Bay Company, Aklavik
Inuit art festival, Inuvik
McKenzie Delta
Frank Stefansson (left), Mackenzie Delta, near Aklavik

Frank Stefansson at Nunaluk, the camp of his grandparents Stefansson and Pannigabluk

Nunaluk, Stefansson's cabin near Herschel Island

The Arctic is photo tour. Gísli Pálsson
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